Procedures & agreements

Mandatory disclosure rules (MDR)

Our services include development of internal procedures related to MDR. We also assist in establishing the scope of mandatory reporting and, if needed, we draft the relevant MDR reports in cooperation with a client.

Other internal procedures

We develop internal client’s procedures applicable to tax settlements. Such procedures not only mitigate ordinary tax exposure associated with business activity, but also limit personal risks for the management and the accounting staff that may occur under the fiscal criminal law. Our experience includes, e.g., drafting procedures on attributing expenditure items to renovation and modernization, procedures on prevention of inventory losses and standards of the VAT deductions.

Tax strategies

We are involved in drafting tax strategies as well as in preparing reports on their implementation.

Contract review

It is not uncommon that business agreements are correct under the civil law, but include provisions exposing parties to risks within the area of tax law. Therefore, we offer tax analysis and, if it is needed, suggest contract amendments so that the above risks can be excluded or mitigated.