Income taxes

During our 20-year practice we gained huge experience within the areas of both Corporate Income Tax and Personal Income Tax. We have advised on all sorts of issues, working with a wide range of clients. We regularly work with big capital groups (please, see the “Transfer pricing” tab), small and medium businesses as well as private individuals.

Our support for a business may take a form of a day-to-day assistance or involvement in particular projects demanding special attention as it may happen with implementation of innovative technologies (please, see the “Incentives for innovation” tab) or other investments.

Our standard income tax services include the following:

  • providing support to entities subject to restructuring (please, see the “Restructuring” tab);
  • explaining rules applicable to various forms of business activity in order to select the one that is most suitable for a client;
  • advising on implications resulting from various ways of providing companies with capital;
  • advising on implications resulting from debt financing;
  • advising on rules governing marketing campaigns, promo contests and lotteries with a focus on free of charge benefits distributed to the public;
  • advising on benefits granted to employees, including stock options and other financial instruments;
  • explaining tax implications resulting from appointments of the Management Board members and other corporate officials, either paid or unpaid;
  • advising on cross border transactions and withholding taxes;
  • advising on tax residence issues, on delegating Polish nationals abroad and on hiring non-residents in Poland.

Substantial number of our clients come from the real estate industry. They are owners or managers of shopping centres, office buildings and other facilities. Therefore, we developed detailed know-how related to areas that are especially important for that market, including:

  • real property depreciation,
  • investment expenditure, modernization, renovation,
  • fit-out works,
  • under lease agreements,
  • tax on buildings, etc.